1060 Series


The Sanwa TRP-1060 series of autmatic platen cutting and creasing machines consists of four models - the TRP-1060-S AXIA, SE AXIA, SV AXIA and SCB.

Sanwa TRP-1060-SE

1060 Series Models

Model Key Feature Max Sheet Size Max Speed Pressure
TRP-1060-S AXIA No Stripper


7,500 sheets p/hr


TRP-1060-SE AXIA With Stripper
TPR-1060-SV AXIA 8,000 sheets p/hr
TPR-1060-SCB With Blanker 7,000 sheets p/hr

TRP-1060-SV AXIA Detailed Specification 

Maximum paper size 1,060mm x 740mm
Minimum paper size 400mm x 330mm
Maximum punching size 1,050mm x 735mm
Maximum holding width 8mm (3mm for grip)
Punching force 300 tonnes
Paper thickness 0.1mm-1.5mm (up to B corrugated paper)
Chase interior size 1,070mm x 760mm
Cutting plate size 1,084mm x 750mm
Table stroke 62mm
Maximum punching speed 8,000 sheets/hour
Power 23.6.kw
Overall length 5,563mm
Overall height 2,185mm
Overall width 2,195mm
Total weight 16.5 tonnes


TRP-1060-SV AXIA Detailed Features

Sanwa TRP-1060-SE Feeder Feeder

  • State-of-the-art high performance original feeder.
  • Oil-less separator.
  • Adjustable timing for pile paper remains detector warning improves operability.
  • L-shape angle iron and index board indicating colour lines as a standard device.

Sanwa TRP-1060-SE Register Board Register Board

  • Single feeder brush movement as standard.
  • Sheet advance wheel on feeder table.
  • Front and side registration with quick change of push and pull for side lay.
  • Double sheet detector on feeding roller section and side lay.
  • Guard at feeding side of punching section to catch foreign material.
  • Embossed stainless steel type feeder board for abrasion free operation.
  • Six feeding belts which can be adjsted on both sides.

Sanwa TRP-1060-SE Platen Platen

  • 300 ton punching pressure.
  • Automatic locking of chase and cutting plate.
  • Centre Line.
  • Toggle drive to enable balanced cutting pressure.
  • Thin plate system.
  • Touch screen controls.

Sanwa TRP-1060-SE Stripping Stripping

  • Quick lock top pin system.
  • Removable top and bottom frames.
  • Centre Line.
  • Double action stripping.

Sanwa TRP-1060-SE Delivery Delivery

  • Gripper bar running opn mechanism to improve piling.
  • Installation of the non-stop belt (automatically controlled).
  • Air brake device and releasable brush brake device.
  • Batch count for pile available.
  • Pre-set speed station is installed.


Optional Features

  • Pre-loading device for feeder.
  • Micro adjust thin plate system.
  • Air blow control for register of thin sheet.
  • Quick lock stripping tools.
  • Pre make ready table for stripping unit.