1600 Series


The Sanwa MRT-1600 autmatic platen cutting and creasing machine.

Sanwa MRT-1600

820 Series Models

Model Key Feature Max Sheet Size Max Speed Pressure
MTR-1600      1,100x1,600mm 7,000 sheets p/hr   350t

MTR-1600 Detailed Specification 

Maximum sheet size 1,100mm x 1,600mm
Minimum sheet size 470mm x 600mm
Maximum cutting size 1,080mm x 1,600mm
Gripper margin 10~20mm
Maximum operational pressure 350 tonnes
Maximun caliper of corrugating board 10mm
Maximun speed 7,000 sheets/hour
Delivery stack height 300mm
Inside chase dimension 1,120mm x 1,648mm
Power Supply 55 kVA
Total weight 40 tonnes