1300 Series


The Sanwa TRP-1300 series of autmatic platen cutting and creasing machines consists of two models - the TRP-1300-SS and SCB.

Sanwa TRP-1300-SCB

1300 Series Models

Model Key Feature Max Sheet Size Max Speed Pressure
TRP-1300-SS With Stripper   1,300x950mm 6,000 sheets p/hr 350t
TRP-1300-SCB With Stripper 6,500 sheets p/hr 500t


TRP-1300-SS Detailed Specification 

Maximum paper size 1,300mm x 950mm
Minimum paper size 550mm x 450mm
Maximum punching size 1,290mm x 940mm
Maximum holding width 8mm (3mm for grip)
Punching force 350 tonnes
Paper thickness 0.1mm-2.0mm (up to B corrugated paper)
Chase interior size 1,310mm x 970mm
Cutting plate size 1,325mm x 954mm
Table stroke 50mm
Maximum punching speed 6,000 sheets/hour
Power 35.75.kw
Overall length 7,144mm
Overall height 2,365mm
Overall width 2,400mm
Total weight 28.0 tonnes